stacks Apparel Store for Rakhi

The e-tailing giant has been rumoured to be working on the store for months. The new apparel store, code-named Project “no more naked”, is being tested this week.

"Our goal is to provide complete apparel selection and offer it the Infibeam way--with easy navigation, a single shopping cart, shipping clients’ order anywhere in India and lots of helpful information. Of course, none of this would be possible without our many apparel store partners," CEO Vishal Mehta said in an email newsletter to registered customers. has already hooked up with several manufacturers and distributors in categories like Automobiles, Mobile Phones, Watches, Books and Health Equipment. But the apparel store represents a big step forward in the company's plans. 

With the announcement of Apparel, potentially the largest online retail vertical (excluding travel). Infibeam is furthering its Online Mall concept in India, bringing its users the largest selection of merchandise, all from a single outlet with a terrific search and discovery experience for the first time in India.

About is making waves on the Internet as a leading one-stop source for online secured buying of new, used and rental facility providing cars, bikes, mobile phones, watches, books and apparels. allows easy and fast selection and buying with its unique presentation of product bouquet that offers unmatched quality, prices, reliability and execution in the shortest possible time.

Infibeam sets off Online Books Shop with more than 1.5 million Books

Starting today, you can find books on based on every publisher, title, author, description and ISBN.  The book search feature searches the entire rich catalogue of more than 15, 00,000 books and since the company has integrated search as a standard feature, using it is easy as entering a search term in the search box.  As just one example, if you want to search Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code, popular seller Skinny Bitch by Kim Barnouin or One Night at the Call Centre by Chetan Bhagat, one can see the powerful search feature.

Books were chosen as its first media product category "because they offer so much selection" says Vishal Mehta, Founder & CEO of  There are 1.5 million book titles currently available for sale and we have an obsessive focus on providing the best customer experience which includes having the right products, the right selection and low prices.  Our distribution network will have majority of books readily available to ship in the coming days and we will continue to add local and regional Indian books to our existing selection of 1.5 million books.

Customers can also list their old and used book for sale on  It is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes to place your product for sale.  The company is currently offering seller promotion to list their used product without any charge.

Started up in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has grown from being an online retailer for automobiles like cars and bikes to now offering retail products like mobile phones, watches, health equipment, cameras and now books.  The company has setup warehouse locations in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.  Customers can pay online by their credit cards using a secured payment gateway or send a cheque/ DD and the product gets shipped from Infibeam's distribution network located across India.


About is making waves on the Internet as a leading one-stop source for online secured buying of new, used and rental facility providing cars, bikes, mobile phones, watches, cameras, books and several yet to be introduced products. allows easy and fast selection and buying with its unique presentation of product bouquet that offers unmatched quality, prices, reliability and execution in the shortest possible time.

Gift a watch @

Growing demand for watches and chronometers has spiraled over the last few year fueled by young and fashion conscious people from all around the world. If watches are fashion, then time surely does sell!

Echoing these sentiments, Mr Vishal Mehta, Founder & CEO, says, "Tech savvy young and old have taken it in a big way to log orders online for a variety of products like cars, car rental services, bikes, mobiles, health equipment and other products. To fill in this growing demand, we introduced sale of watches on priority, online through" will feature a host of manufacturers and their watches and chronographs in the most pleasing and enticing fashion run on the latest Java technology. Titan, Timex and other international brands are featured in the online presentation. also takes the credit for introducing Used Watches - sale and purchase within this section adding another exciting online feature where pre-approved and valid enquiries and products will be on display. has tied up on logistics to ensure that the ordered watches are presently shipped for ‘free’ under a limited period offer. Shipping will be safely done within 24 to 48 hours, in only. Guaranties and warranties for the watches along with certificate of genuineness including after sales service, will all be provided by the respective companies.

Mr Mehta added that in this era of gifting, watches have stood the test of time as a most convenient and appropriate gift. Watches are 'hot' favorite as corporate, personal and occasional presentation or gift.

Another area is eyeing is the NRI and NRG segments who wish to present their near and dear ones back home in India with gifts, can definitely look forward to to provide the reliable and prompt services at the most economical costs.


About has in the shortest internet span achieved credibility as a reliable one-stop online source for buying, selling and renting products like cars, bikes,  mobile phones, designer cars, health equipment and now - watches.

With more than three million footfalls each month, the website has attained an enviable status for offering reputed company brands and products at the most competitive rates through a uniquely designed online platform. - Send Father's Day Gifts to India

Placing orders for gifts on father's day has never been so easy at Infibeam. On this august occasion, browse through Infibeam's online store of books, watches, mobiles, health equipment, cars, designer cars, and bikes to make a loving gift to your dad.

Father's day is a significant secular festival celebrating the positive role that fathers play in the family. This event is widely celebrated in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, the European Union, and other countries.

Of late, this festival has become popular in India too. Since ancient times, Indians has a tradition of respecting and venerating their parents for their countless services to their children. On this day, children thank their fathers for the innumerable acts of benevolence and kindness towards them.

Celebrating Father's day, children buy gifts and cards for their fathers and guardians. Today's modern generation has taken to the internet in a big way. There are many websites on the internet that cater to the needs of children for gifts and cards on Father's day.

Reacting to this trend, Mr. Vishal Mehta CEO of commented, "Infibeam celebrates Father's day by offering variety of products like mobile phones, watches, health equipment, books and cameras at very attractive prices for this venerable occasion."

Additionally, has a range of cars, designer cars and bikes too, where people can book the vehicle of their choice simply by getting online and following a short sequence of simple clicks to place their order. Yet another exciting online feature is the 'used' section where used cars, bikes, watches, and mobiles are on display after pre-approval and ensuring the validity of such inquiries. presently ships all products ordered through it; FREE for a limited period offer. Customers who order products online will obtain their orders normally within 72 hours of placing their order. However, Infibeam will ship orders within India only.

Another area that currently wishes to tap is the NRI and the NRG segment who wish to present their near and dear ones with gifts and products. This segment can definitely look forward to for fulfilling their needs reliably, promptly, and at the most economical costs.

In the shortest span of time since its launch, has achieved credibility as a reliable one-stop online source for products like cars, bikes, designer cars, mobile phones, health equipment, watches, books, cameras and now father's day.

On Father's day, has launched a festival store to celebrate this occasion. Individuals, family members and children can login and place orders for gifts for their fathers and guardians.

With more than three million footfalls each month, the website has attained an enviable status for offering reputed company brands and products at the most competitive rates through a uniquely designed online platform.

DC designed Cars feature for sale exclusively on

India’s revered Automobile Design Guru and designer par excellence – Dilip Chhabria and some of his latest creations have been featured online for sale exclusively on India’s leading website

Showcasing remodeled or modified cars designed by Dilip Chhabria like Toyota Innova (SUV) and special purpose vehicles like the newly launched Tata Winger Executive Van or Lextran Tempo Traveller, DC as he is fondly called, displays his penchant for ‘designing excellence.’ The unique selection can be viewed on at the following URL

Says Vishal Mehta, Founder – CEO,, “Car makeover, Designer cars or Remodeled cars serves a niche category. We are very pleased to offer the excellent creations of Dilip Chhabria for sale on our online platform.” has already made its mark as a leading online platform for buying, selling or renting a range products and services like automobiles, mobile phones, cars on rent. offers unique online shopping with true to life visuals of the interiors and exteriors of DC remodeled Tata Winger Executive Van, Lextran Tempo Traveller and Toyota Innova.
who wish to offer travel comforts and style that is Car makeover or customization is not only sought after by the young and hip but by companies all on offer. And who else but Dilip Chhabria’s firm teaming up with is all set to cater to niche audiences who will find cool ambience on hot wheels. is today’s india’s largest online shopping portal for all brands and model and types of cars, bikes, mobile phones and service like car rental. It attracting millions of buyers, sellers as well as renters for its product, it is also a reliable source of news & articles for these Industries.

Content & Images Copyright by biggest shopping portal in India out of beta

Since its debut in September last year in beta version for consuming India, has been making waves on the internet. today has become full fledged website or rather a web portal and marketplace with a spanking new layout and user friendly features. offers a host of products and services like New Cars, Bikes and Scooters. In addition, the company has made it easy for anyone to list their Used Cars and Bikes for Sale on in less than 5 minutes to make it available for its millions of visitors. It has now added services like Customer Reviews, Industry News, Finance Options, EMI Calculator and Featured Car Section with advanced search facility. Facility for review and rating of a particular vehicle can also be seen before arriving at a buying decision for a particular model.

Spelling more details, Founder and CEO Mr Vishal Mehta says, “Besides offering special deals to purchase products, we offer Cars on rental hire to Individuals and Corporate for the benefit of our valuable members and visitors. Our introductory car rental scheme for all vehicle segments including SUVs like Tavera or Innova at Rs 999+ per day with unlimited mileage is proving to be a boon to all executives, business persons and individuals with families, wishing to travel in brand new air conditioned comforts and safety.”

The website is now visited by millions of visitors who discover useful product information and benefit from attractive prices and convenience from shopping at their leisure.

Although has not disclosed any forward looking plans to date, they are already looking to hire buyers to source consumer electronics products on several employment portals. Thus, has become a full blown website or web portal which thrives on superb customer experience, choice selection and very attractive pricing for all products offered on the portal. offers Rent-a-Car service

Announcing this, an excited Mr Vishal Mehta, CEO, said, “ now enters a new phase in its internet lifetime. Our CAR RENTAL programme for our Ahmedabad and Gujaratcustomers will be unique in terms of price, commitment and comforts.”

Justifying online car rental service, Mr Mehta quipped, “Mobility choice online has never been easy as it is today through We possess a fleet of brand new luxury and AC cars and SUVs to ferry four to eight persons anywhere - anytime.”

He added that for convenient and easy office, airport or railway station transfers, a short family trip, excursion, vacation or tourists on the move, one can definitely expect value-for-money preposition from

Mr Mehta stated, “ introductory car rental program for air-conditioned cars and SUVs is the best on offer and has truly delighted our clients from individuals to reputed companies and organisations, so far.”

Companies, Organizations and individuals can always avail car rental services that encompass self drive, chauffer driven, with or without fuel options.

About is a leading search engine for two-wheelers and four-wheelers and now turning to new venture in car rentals spurred by its growth in geometric progression. One can find details of leading car manufacturers and their cars or small utility vehicles (SUVs), or two wheelers like motorcycles, scooters, scooterettes and electric bikes in India. One can also buy or sell used cars or two wheelers by viewing or placing the details on the website.

For more details contact 9227884914 or 9227884916 or go online for information about attractive car rental options.





Dilip Chhabria on car design & styling concepts

An alumni of Art Centre Pasadena in Transportation Design,  he heads a company under his own name D.C. Design offering Styling and Prototyping services to the automotive industry. His is a case of a designer who chucked a secure job at the Design Centre in Warren, Detroit at General Motors with plans to work for his own brand. On his return to India he first started his own entrepreneurial venture in Automotive accessories, which ran successfully for 10 years.

This exposure gave him insights into consumer buying behavior and decision making for products ranging from a couple of Rupees to high value items. It also gave him a hands on understanding of various materials and processes, a key learning for an enterprise offering Styling and Prototyping services based on the capabilities of a single resource.

In 1993 with enough capital to invest in his dream of designing complete cars, Dilip Chhabria started the company in its present form, shutting down the successfully running accessory business, to focus exclusively on the new initiative. 13 years down the line that one mans dream and vision has translated into a 300-man organization with over 550 exclusive designs on the road, a dream of every designer. As a result the company enjoys a brand in India that has a huge following and is associated with churning out eye catching and exciting products.

The company’s client list spans a wide spectrum of automotive OEM’s in India to high net worth individuals to corporate with specific needs. The company started marketing its services in Europe and within the 1st year achieved a prestigious breakthrough in the form of an order for prototyping the new Aston Martin, Renault, Ford and GM successfully competing against the Established European service providers. The project was successfully completed delivering on all aspects of quality, cost and time.

All DC concepts come with highly developed automotive Interior surfaces including IPs, glazings, seats, door trims etc.and infact among the first accessory in his young days was an IP as an aftermarket. DC Design has evolved into showcasing a customer interface IP commissioned by Renault, displayed at Paris Auto Show in Sept. 06, and have developed a Touch Screen for all automotive functions and viz: Aircon, lights, Audio & Video through proprietary software manifested hardware used in most of our customizing exercises.

His has been a case of Design being used as a differentiator and driver to build an entrepreneurial business model in a country where words like design, aesthetics and styling were unheard of especially in the automotive sector.

His hobbies, pastime, relaxation, are all rolled into a single-minded passion for designing cars. presents India's Automobile Design Guru - Mr Dilip Chhabria.

      Infibeam: How did the concept of design enter the automobile sector? Mr Dilip Chhabria: Design has always been an integral part of the automotive industry. In the last few decades, styling is clearly an emerging concept and the number one priority for car buyers worldwide. Aesthetics play far more on an important role today as car buyers are more image conscious. Different segments in the worldwide car industry are formed on the sole basis of styling and looks. For instance, an Audi TT and a VW Golf share the same platform, but are separated at birth largely due to the different design directions both follow. Design is what gives a car its own identity.

Infibeam: You are a pioneer car designer of India. How did you become one?

Mr Dilip Chhabria: I became a designer in India purely pursuing my passion for transportation design. I was formally trained at the art centre at Pasadena, California. But my success I feel was largely due to the fact that my designs translate from drawing board to reality. We at DC Design have the ability to manufacture our customer’s dreams…

Infibeam: What are the different aspects that a designer observes while conceptualizing a car design?

Mr Dilip Chhabria: While conceptualizing a car, a designer has to keep in mind a myriad of limitations. The most important ones being: (a) style, (b) packaging, (c) performance, (d) costs, (e) ergonomic, (f) longevity, and (g) ownership experience.

Infibeam: Which are your favorite designer cars and of course designers from whom you may have drawn inspiration?

Mr Dilip Chhabria: There is just the one designer that I am truly inspired by- Guigaro.

Infibeam: What goes in the concept of Special Purpose Vehicle?

Mr Dilip Chhabria: The concept of a special purpose vehicle is in itself pretty self explanatory, i.e. the vehicles are purpose built for the specific requirements client has in mind. We endeavor to deliver a product that will satisfy all the requirements on our client’s wish list.

Infibeam: Have you any special design for presentation at AUTO EXPO2008?

Mr Dilip Chhabria: “DC’s Ambierod” and the “S.”

Infibeam: Can you tell our website members and visitors about your popular and personally acclaimed creations?

Mr Dilip Chhabria: All my creations are equally important and acclaimed. I would suggest all to visit DC Design website.

Infibeam: What advise do you have for new car owners who wish get their car designed by you?

Mr Dilip Chhabria: My advice to car owners is to first brainstorm about a concept they have in mind, decide if it suits their day-to-day needs, pencil down a budget and get in touch with us!!!

For more Info Please Visit: